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Join the No. 1 trade show network for intralogistics, transport logistics and supply chain management China Shanghai 31 Oct - 3 Nov 2017 Turkey Istanbul 15 - 18 Mar 2018 Indonesia Jakarta 20 - 22 Mar 2018 Germany Hannover 23 - 27 Apr 2018 Italy Milan 29 May - 1 Jun 2018 Australia Melbourne 24 - 26 Jul 2018 Russia Moscow Sep 2018 Canada Toronto Sep 2019 Global Fairs. Global Business.

EDITORIAL Made in China 2025 Two years ago now in 2015, China’s central government adopted the “Made in China 2025” strategy. Behind the campaign is a plan for industrial modernization of the country, designed especially to advance the innovative capability and digitization of domestic industries. With this policy Beijing intends to make the country fit for the future, as rising labor costs have long been signaling the end of China’s days as a source of cheap labor. The Germany concept of “Industry 4.0” serves as a model and “instruction manual” for implementation of the new technology policy. Germany is not only China’s model, but also its preferred The agenda of the Chinese technology policy calls for quality instead of quantity partner for close cooperation, which is not surprising given that German companies are developing leading technology in this area. The incentive for German industrial companies for this close collaboration is the prospect of lucrative orders. But fear is already spreading among these German companies that the main outcome of overly close cooperation would to make China a strong competitor in the future. Whether collaboration with China in digitizing industry is ultimately an opportunity or rather a risk for German companies is still a matter of speculation. Nevertheless the fact remains that China is starting out on the way to “Industry 4.0” from a considerably lower technological level than Germany. Thus China will initially be in a race to catch up, unless this latter day “great leap forward” is immediately successful. Global Excellence for Intralogistics Belt Curve RollerMerge LineSplitter VertiSwitch® Strip Merge 31.10.-3.11.2017 We‘ll exhibit. German Pavilion Spiral Chute Bendy Boom Manfred Weber Editor SOVEX, now a TRANSNORM Company