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SAP’s ERP system

SAP’s ERP system improves business operations for India’s packaged food industry SOFTWARE A brief overview of the opportunities, SAP’s ERP offers to food and beverage industry, with typically large product volumes and tight profits margins in one of the most cost conscious markets like India. For the packaged foods industry, everyone from a crawling toddler to a retired person is a consumer. This sector is blessed with the largest target audience as everybody likes to snack. The packaged food domain includes bakery and dairy products, canned and frozen processed food, ready-to-eat meals, health products and drinks, chocolates, salty snacks and a large variety of local delicacies, which are amongst the favourite items on the snack list. The packaged Author: Sushen Doshi, Correspondent India, World of Industries – In tralogistics & Distribution foods industry in India is roughly estimated to be at $ 50 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach more than $ 60 billion by 2018-19. With improving consumer spending patterns in India, this industry sector is expected to grow at rate of 14-15 % for the next two to three years. This sector has a handful of large and organized companies which have a significant market share. Historically and even today, the packaged food segment is dominated by brands that are in-expensive and rudimentary, but in the coming years the share of these products is expected to decline as its market has reached a point of saturation. With rising incomes, consumers are now lured towards premium products and market share of the premium range is set to increase by 2019 as manufacturers are now aggressively entering this segment on account of higher prevalent margins. Increase in disposable income, changing lifestyles and growth in organized retail are the main drivers of this industry. Latest trends witnessed in the industry reveal that companies are focused on deploying latest technologies to improve the entire business eco-system, right from the quality of products with better tastes, newer flavours, improved packaging to optimized planning, production and logistics. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 5/2017

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