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02 After placing goods

02 After placing goods from stock in pockets of the SSI carrier pocket sorter, these can be easily sequenced and sorted according to customer orders 03 Whether bins, cartons, trays or goods on hangers – the conveying vehicle Weasel masters almost all transport tasks − Gently and safely, the goods are delivered to their destination WAREHOUSING showcased this solution at CeMAT 2016. The Cuby can be dimensioned over a length of up to 100 m and a height of up to 15 m and as many aisles as desired. In this way, it offers the maximum possible storage density, thanks to the streamlined travel paths for the „Dynamic material flow solutions are the key to efficient e-commerce in the fashion industry with it´s high proportion of returned goods” single-deep shuttles and the optimum utilization of space on the rack lines with double-deep storage compartments, and all with a minimal division of levels. SSI Schaefer’s latest solution hails from the field of overhead conveying systems: with the compact and versatile SSI Carrier System (Image 02), a high throughput of goods weighing up to 3 kg can be transported, dynamically buffered and sequenced. Bags or hanging goods can be attached to the overhead SSI Carrier. What is more, the system runs on maintenance-free rollers and can achieve a throughput of up to 10,000 load carriers per hour thanks to a driven circulating conveyor. The speed of the conveyor can be adapted to the properties of the goods. Another example of a transport solution for bins and cartons or with an attachment for hanging goods on clothes hangers is the “Weasel” (Image 03) automated guided vehicle (AGV). Designed for internal transport operations, the vehicle is both flexible and scalable. As no complex installation work on the floor is required to install the system, pedestrian and vehicle routes – not to mention escape routes – are not intersected. Meeting the challenges of fashion logistics The real challenge comes in the form of ever more complex processes in fashion logistics, owing to factors including multi-channel distribution and higher quotas of returned goods. In order to meet these challenges, SSI Schaefer combined its IT expertise into one WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 5/2017

dedicated, strong division since the beginning of 2017. The newly founded SSI Schäfer IT Solutions GmbH brings together the process knowledge of around 800 IT experts, who are responsible for implementing and integrating intralogistics projects, and developing new IT solutions. SSI Schäfer IT Solutions GmbH is supported in its global project management and customer service tasks by a further 300 IT employees based at international sites. SSI Schaefer’s proprietary warehouse management and material flow system, “Wamas”, is the tool of choice. This controls and manages the varied SSI Schaefer components and systems and displays the customer’s logistics processes. It is these very business processes that increasingly set the fashion industry apart from other sectors. While many retailers think in terms of seasons when selecting products for their stores, fashion retailers have come to change their assortment several times within one season – the traditional “spring collection” does not usually suffice. In order for the employees in the shops to focus solely on sales-related activities, an increasing number of business processes are being relocated from shops to distribution centers. While this previously involved tasks such as hanging goods on hangers, pricetagging them and attaching security tags, fashion logistics providers are now required to deliver the goods to the stores in an order that corresponds to the shop layout. This is the only way to sort the goods quickly and efficiently (shop-friendly delivery). The high proportion of returned goods brings another special feature for fashion logistics: the management of employees when checking and preparing returns. All substeps of what is known as About SSI Schaefer The SSI Schaefer Group is the world’s leading provider of modular warehousing and logistics solutions. It employs over 9,500 people at its group headquarters in Neunkirchen (Germany) as well as at more than ten domestic and international production sites, and at approximately 70 worldwide operative subsidiaries. Across six continents, SSI Schaefer develops and implements innovative industry-specific answers to its customers’ unique challenges. As a result, it plays a key role in shaping the future of intralogistics. reverse logistics need to be reduced, wherever possible, in terms of the operational logistics requirements using IT-supported processes. With these and many other intralogistics solutions – which are intelligently combined into one system using Wamas – SSI Schaefer offers a unique product spectrum for modern and efficient e-commerce and multi-channel distribution in the fashion industry. Photographs: SSI Schäfer How far will we go in our pursuit of outstanding quality? There are not enough words in the dictionary to express this. Each project is different and unique. STAHL CraneSystems’ engineers rise to every challenge, even one that appears to be insoluble. All around the world, we work hand in hand with a network of 9 subsidiaries and over 140 partners. That’s the Art of Engineering. That’s STAHL CraneSystems.