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Mannheim Antwerpen

Mannheim Antwerpen Neresheim The journey is the best reward PROJECT LOGISTICS The art of project logistics: When it comes to transporting complete constructions or industrial plants to another part of the world, experience, an experienced team and most of all precise planning are crucial. The logistics specialist, Hermes Germany, is well familiar with the obstacles that have to be overcome en route. The company recently transported 77 prefabricated modular elements for a Chinese research laboratory from Neresheim in the south of Germany to the Shanghai region on behalf of M+W Central Europe. High-quality facilities for office buildings and educational and health institutions are created today as modules made from prefabricated room cells – within a significantly reduced construction time, at a fixed price and on the agreed completion date. This modern form of turnkey construction is in demand worldwide, due not least to the planning and investment security, a comparatively quick implementation and benefits for the environment. One precondition, however, is an effective supply chain, as the modules have a considerable size and in some cases have to transported across continents. Whether by truck, rail or ship – a high level of logistics experience is vital here. Size matters For the company contracted by M+W, the ADK Modulraum GmbH from Neresheim in the south of Germany, these challenges are part and parcel of everyday business. ADK Modulraum has already WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 5/2017

Hangzhou Shanghai produced modules for amongst other things a doping laboratory in the Russian Olympic city of Sochi and for the German embassy in Kabul. A biotechnology center with medical laboratory is currently being built in China – All on the basis of modular elements prefabricated by ADK Modulraum. Floors, windows, electrical installations and technical equipment, for example, are already installed when the modules are delivered to the site. Around 90 percent of the technologies contained in each individual module are installed by the M+W engineers at the Neresheim works. The greatest challenge when it comes to transporting the finished modules is that they can be up to 30 feet (10 meters) in length and 15 feet (4.5 meters) in width. A logistical masterpiece that ADK Modulraum tackled together with its industrial partner, M+W, and the specialists from Hermes Germany. “Hermes won the tender with good proposed solutions and an intelligent product,” says Thomas Tesfaldet, project manager at Hermes Germany SCS. First stage On each of three consecutive days, Hermes moved eight modules from Neresheim to Mannheim using 65 feet (20 meter) long heavy goods transporters. Due to their enormous dimensions, this was only possible at night and with a police escort in order to hinder other road users as little as possible. Potential complications also had to be ruled out: Would the transporters with their oversized freight pass under all bridges and through all tunnels? What bottlenecks on motorways, highways or main through roads could become a problem? The experts checked all the situations along the route in advance in order to be able to complete the time-critical transport operations smoothly and punctually. But even the most meticulous planning can be rocked if the traffic routing measures cannot be initiated as expected. An unscheduled repair to a motorway tunnel meant that Hermes Germany had to react at short notice: They quickly had the oppo- WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 5/2017