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E-Commerce changing

E-Commerce changing warehouse logistics More and more companies within retailing are optimizing their warehouses for e-Commerce. The trend towards online shopping and the resulting increasingly high dynamics in the internal material flow have changed the logistics structures and present intralogistics providers with new challenges. Go back five years in time and look at how you did your purchasing then. Now compare with how you do your purchasing today. An industry has never changed as dramatically as retailing after the entrance of e-Commerce. Stores are open 24/7 both online and offline and consumers are ready to purchase 24/7 as well. This change in purchasing behavior is something retailers take seriously and which has created the buzzword of the 2010s – omnichannel retailing. This new type of retailing makes great demands on the logistics, as customers expect easy shopping, fast deliveries, smooth returns and quality customer service − whether they do their purchasing online or offline. Companies operating within omnichannel retailing meet these demands by optimizing their warehouse logistics. WAREHOUSING WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 4/2017

01 SSI Schaefer’s latest technological development, the 3D-Matrix Solution, is used in Stockmann’s new multifunctional distribution center in Tuusula, Finland The new order from the Finnish 3PL company, Itella Logistics, is just the latest of a series of SSI Schaefer projects respective warehouse optimization for omnichannel retailing and e-Commerce in particular. Several references already During the last year, the turnover for the B2C e-Commerce sector in Russia was 920 billion Rubles, which is a growth of 21 % compared to 2015. While the growth is significantly higher in other parts of Europe, SSI Schaefer Russia has experienced this growth handson with numerous of e-Commerce orders. Ole Madsen, General Manager at SSI Schaefer, elaborates: “As the e-Commerce orders increase, so does the pressure on the company’s warehouse logistics. We experience that warehouses will not be able to handle this pressure in their current form. As e-Commerce is only going to increase, companies prepare for that now by building new facilities or optimizing their existing buildings.” WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 4/2017