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Smart logistic on the way to intelligent manufacturing In March, China’s National People’s Congress adopted its new five-year plan. The goals are ambitious: six-and-a-half percent average annual GDP growth plus doubling by 2020 both the average income and economic performance compared to 2010. China plans to close ineffective companies and deteriorating facilities, invigorate domestic consumption and innovation, and modernize its industry. During CeMAT Asia 2016, integrated system solutions for logistics had become a hot showcasing spot for many onsite exhibitors. Industry giants such as Daifuku, SSI Schaefer, Dematic, Swisslog, TGW, Murata, Vanderlande, Fives, SFA, Autostore, BMHRI, RIAMB, CSIC, SIASUN, NTI, Vstrong, Gaoke, Damon, Zhong Ding Integration all brought their advanced system integration equipment. Meanwhile, the intelligent logistics robots, automatic guided vehicle systems as well as forklifts have also become highlights of this year’s show. National intelligent forklift leaders including Hangcha, Crown, Linde, JHL, BYD, XGMA, EP and Ruyi presented the concept of intelligent environmental protection of “electric forklift” which had become the market favorite. Robot technology increases competitiveness In recent years, logistics enterprises are faced with increasingly fierce competition. However, the low equipment modernization degree of China’s storage and distribution industry and relatively underdeveloped logistics management results in capacity inability to meet the demands of the growing production and sales. This year, at CeMAT Asia 2017, Fanuc will present its industrial solution of logistics distribution through robots, which can completely replace men in terms of handling and palletizing, thus improving the management level of logistics standardization, easing enterprises’ pressure due to inadequate storage capacity, as well as improving overall automation and informatization level of the enterprise. A wide range of themes CEMAT WORLDWIDE As the annual leading logistics event in Asia-Pacific region, CeMAT Asia consists of eight thematic display areas, including system integration and solutions, conveying equipment, automated guided vehicle systems, forklift truck and parts, hoisting equipment and parts, pallet and storage racks, auto-ID and machine vision, and logistic machines. CeMAT Asia is an effective approach to get into China and a benchmark to the supply chain industry in Asia. The next edition will be held from October 31 to November 3, 2017 in Shanghai. Photographs: Deutsche Messe WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 2/2017

Product News Self-Driving Forklift Truck – TORsten from Torwegge The omnidirectional transport vehicle “Torsten” from Torwegge not only moves loads of up to seven tons autonomously through the production and logistic halls but also navigates its way through independently. The automated transport vehicle is equipped with its own sensors and is not connected to an inductive or optical tracking system. The design does not include a drawbar thus ensuring that the industrial truck can turn on the spot and drive in all directions which is very useful during assembly work. The assembly technician does not need to move around the component but can instead rotate the component. The flat and compact design of the industrial truck including its 1150 × 700 mm large platform enables individual attachments to be assembled. This enables the automated transport vehicle to transport pallet cages through to Euro pallets, individual components and anything else that may need moving from A to B within the warehouse and production halls. The vehicle orientates itself via the in-built sensor system and a 3D plan of the hall in which it moves around at a speed of up to 0.8 m/s. The perfect overload protection for drives which are hard to access With their EAS-reverse, mayr power transmission has developed a new, disengaging torque limiter on which all functional processes can be automated through the drive. It is easy to handle, permits long run-out times and re-engages again through slow backwards rotation. A housing also makes the clutch resistant to dust or spray water. PRODUKT NEWS In case of overload, if the torque exceeds the value set on the clutch, a patented disengagement mechanism separates the input and output almost residual torque-free with high switch-off and repetitive accuracy. The kinetic energy from the rotating masses stored in the system can slow down freely. After responding, the clutch can withstand long drive run-out times. The new EAS-reverse torque limiter transmits the torque with exceptionally low wear (< 0.05°) and features hardened functional parts. FORWARDING · PORT TERMINALS · VPC/VDC-OPERATION · TRANSPORTATION · INLAND TERMINALS Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management for your Finished Vehicle Logistics – powered by BLG. Our word is our bond. BLG-englisch.indd 1 31.01.2017 12:14:46 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 2/2017